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Taking Girls Back to School in Dadu!

Going back to her grade 4 Uzma is now very excited, she not only continue her study but find more girls student friends and she has aim that she would like to become a teacher in future . She narrated her story to PDI team that her hopes were finished when she stopped going to School and wondered how she could continue her study again. I am very poor and besides me study in free time I join hands with my mother and other sisters and help them in embroidery work and my mother asked me that I should remain at my home and do embroidery work at home she narrated .

Thanks to PDI for rehabilitating my damaged school and providing us water, and electric facility in our School and enabling me and other girls to continue study. My mother has no objection and she is extremely happy that I resume my study and no one can stop me to fulfill my dream that after completion of my Study I would choose teaching profession and I believe that educated mother can bring revolution and care their family members in better way as compare to educated male, said Uzma.