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Sindh Government’s Land Distribution Program: Issues and Challenges?

PDI Land Rights Program focuses on contributing toward land rights and equitable land ownership of the poor and vulnerable groups, especially women in Sindh (Pakistan), for their socio-economic and livelihood empowerment. When Sindh Government announced the distribution of state land among the landless people, especially women, PDI, jointly with Oxfam GB, started its campaign to create awareness among the women of Sindh on how to apply for state land and how to participate in the open katcharis to get land. PDI also became active in monitoring the land distribution process highlighting the issues and irregularities in the land distribution program. PDI took the responsibility of field monitoring and investigating the cases in which, in certain areas, women were deprived of the land or given uncultivated and barren land pieces. In some cases, the land pieces given to the women were occupied by the influential people of the area. PDI monitoring teams continuously prepared field reports and shared these reports with the government. This study is the result of those field visits in which the issues and challenges in the land distribution were identified, and solutions were provided to the government. As a result of PDI monitoring and facilitation, thousands of women were awarded government land in different districts of Sindh, Pakistan.