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Media Inventory, Directory of Electronic & Print Media

Media can play an important role in pre-and post-disaster situations. However, it is also a fact that the media has a lot of other issues to cover. As a result, disaster-related news usually skips the attention of the press. The organization and activists engaged in emergency-related advocacy are aware of the importance of the media and making media their partners in the advocacy endeavors. However, when busy with the relief and rehabilitation actions, the civil society activists find little time to collect the contacts of media houses and media persons to keep them informed about the actual situation of the disaster and feed them news and information.

Keeping this situation in mind, PDI decided to develop a comprehensive directory of Pakistan’s media houses and media persons. The purpose was to facilitate the activists working in the emergencies to get access to the media and feed the press about the emergency’s severity to seek the government’s attention and the policymakers and disaster and emergency-related government departments.

This booklet contains details, especially the contact details of Pakistan’s leading print and electronic media houses. Besides, the booklet also has detailed information and contacts of the active journalists of those media houses working on emergency and disaster-related issues.