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Media Information Pack on Floods

Practical actions depend on the existence of readymade and well-tested contingency plans and the existence of authentic information. The lesson learned from the unprecedented 2010 floods and devastating rains of 2012 called for enhanced and more effective pre-emptive and response actions to control the situation and, above all, save lives.

There was always a challenge for the print and electronic media while reporting on the pre and post-disaster scenarios. Due to the lack of information available about the institutional and legal framework and scientific information about the causes and consequences of disasters, the media reporting of the disasters usually lacked authenticity. This booklet discusses the fundamental causes and consequences of different disasters in simple media language. The book also sheds light on the legal and institutional framework at the local, provincial, and federal level to prevent and mitigate disasters. Some significant disaster-related terminologies have also been discussed for the understanding of the working journalists. The booklet is an excellent help for proper and authentic reporting on the catastrophes and disaster-related issues by the print and electronic media.