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The World Bank and Asian Development Bank have been significant contributors to the infrastructure development in Pakistan with their credit support. However,  like in other parts of the world, there have been serious issues in implementing the projects of both the banks in Pakistan. Technical flaws in the project design and implementation, as well as violation of the rights of the local communities, including the violation of the safeguard policies of the banks, have been serious issues and challenges in Pakistan. A case in point is the implementation of the mega project of Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD), funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and other IFIs. The technical flaw in the project design has rendered the land of two tehsils of District Badin in Sindh province barren and has invited coastal waves to the inland and threatened Badin district’s ecology and livelihood sources.

Monitoring the negative impacts of the IFI financed projects in Pakistan is one of the organization’s core programs. The organization has played a vital role in highlighting several serious issues in World Bank and Asian Development Bank projects, including the Left Bank Outfall Drainage (LBOD) project, Sindh Community Development Project, Balochistan Integrated Water Management Project, and other projects