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Complaint Mechanism in Emergencies

The basic concept of establishing a complaint handling mechanism is to hold humanitarian organizations accountable for the commitments that have been made to the beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders. The complaint handling mechanism (CHM) checks on the organizations as to whether the specified goals and project objectives are being fulfilled.

The importance of complaint Mechanism further increases in the situations of emergencies/disasters. The organizations working for the relief and rehabilitation of the disaster-affected communities must have a valid complaint mechanism in place to address any kind of complaint from the communities or any other stakeholders related to the relief or rehabilitation work of the organization. Such complaint mechanisms are a great source of accountability for the organizations and the staff and volunteers working in the organization.

Keeping in view the importance of a systematic complaint mechanism in emergencies, PDI has developed this booklet which elaborates the whole system of the complaint mechanism. The booklet provides detailed information on how the complaints should be received, handled, and addressed. The book discusses in detail the categories of the complaints, different methods to receive the complaints, and the ways and methods of addressing the complaints to the satisfaction of the local communities and other stakeholders. The book also discusses the ways and methods of properly documenting the complaints for future reference and also for the lesson learning of the organizations.