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Civil Society Situation Reports on 2011-2012 Floods in Pakistan

Following the floods of 2011, PDI initiated research-based advocacy on the issues related to post-flood challenges. The campaign was titled ‘Peoples Reports’ on the post-flood situation in different districts of Sindh, Pakistan. PDI researchers continued their fieldwork for most of the months after the 2011 and 2012 floods, assessing the post-flood situation, vulnerabilities of the local communities, and the weakness in the flood relief and rehabilitation systems of the provincial and federal governments of Pakistan.

The field-based research generated a series of research reports which were launched in media to seek the attention of the government and its agencies regarding the problems of the flood-affected communities. These reports were also published and disseminated on a larger scale.

The overall objective of the reports was to identify and investigate the gaps and issues in policy, law, implementation, and interventions during the rescue, relief, and early recovery phases for communities hit by disaster in Sindh province of Pakistan.