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Brahui Language Alphabet Book: براھوئی قائدہ

The UNESCO Atlas has classified at least 27 Pakistani languages as endangered, including the Brahui language, the only proto-Dravidian language spoken in Balochistan and some parts of Sindh provinces of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. Participatory Development Initiatives (PDI), through its “Endangered Languages Preservation and Revival Program,” is engaged in preserving different aspects of endangered languages, including their folk poetry, folklores, etc. PDI decided to publish this essential Brahui Alphabet book to encourage the Brahui-speaking youth and other languages-loving people to read and write in the Brahui language. The book covers the basic alphabet and small daily life sentences and phrases in the Brahui language. Any person interested in the local languages, especially the Brahui-speaking people, would quickly start reading and writing in this ancient but endangered language of Pakistan after reading this book.

Besides, PDI is also involved in promoting and revival of those languages by finalizing and publishing their alphabet books, promoting the language reading and writing, finalizing the orthography of the languages, and creating consensus on the agreed scripts for those endangered languages. PDI is also engaged in advocacy with the provincial and federal governments for declaring all the country’s indigenous languages as national languages of Pakistan, earmarking funds for their promotion, and making primary education compulsory in mother languages in Pakistan.