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Sustainable Livelihoods & Value Chain Program (SLVCP)

Sustainability in livelihoods is a key to food security and poverty reduction. Agriculture is a key livelihood in Pakistan and also a main source of food security in the country. Despite the fact that Pakistan is still known as agriculture country, agriculture produce is declining rapidly in the country to the level of threatening the very food security of the local communities. Key reasons are the lack of skills among our growers to adopt scientific and sustainable methods of farming. Given the rise in land degradation, severe water shortages, increases pest attacks and other challenges the growers still using the centuries old traditional methods of farming, are unable to meet these challenges with new, improved scientific farming methods. Besides, little access to the improved agriculture inputs and monopoly of the middlemen and traders on agriculture marketing has left the farming communities with little and in majority cases no margin of incomes in agriculture livelihoods. This on the one hand has increased poverty levels, while on the other hand food insecurity has increased to the greater proportions in many regions in Pakistan.

Participatory Development Initiatives ( PDI) is engaged in promotion of sustainable livelihoods including sustainable agriculture and agriculture value chain development through the mobilization and organization of farmers , developing their farmers organizations as well as their Producer Organizations, building the farming skills and capacities of the farmers including men and women farmers through field based trainings, demonstration plots, exposure visits, and developing linkages between the farmers and experts and government extension services etc. Besides, PDI is also engaged in strengthening Producer Organizations (Cooperative Societies) of the farmers ,building their capacities, skill and as well as facilitating business planning of the producer organization as to develop their collective marketing skills and linkages with the market actors/ private sector engaged in value chain. PDI has also developed its own agriculture value chain model which is implemented in different program areas.


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