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Pakistan Extractive Industries Watch Program

Pakistan is rich in natural resources including oil, gas, coal, gold, copper and other resources. At present, about one dozen multinational oil and gas, coal copper and gold exploration and production firms are engaged in Pakistan especially in its Sindh province. There are serious issues associated with the exploration of the natural resources by the multinational firms. These include weak legal frameworks to properly monitor the level of exploration and production of the natural resources, secrecy with regard to the production of the natural resources, flawed system of sharing the revenues with the federal government including royalty on oil and gas resources, little care for the environment and biodiversity and community health and blatant violation of environmental laws and rules as well as depriving the local communities from production bonus, social welfare ( CSR) funds, trainings , capacity building and jobs etc.

PDI is engaged in community awareness, advocacy with the extractive industries, government officials and other concerned stakeholders as well as lobbying with the elected representatives for the greater oversight of the extractive industries. PDI is also engaged in field studies and consultative process to bring realities from the field about on the ground violation of the legal framework, community and biodiversity rights by the extractive industries. PDI is also engaged in reviewing the legal framework concerned with licensing and monitoring the extractive industries and suggesting improvements in the legal framework as well as implementation mechanisms.


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