PDI Programs

Micro Enterprise Development Program

Microenterprise is a key to creating diversity in the local livelihoods, unleashing the potential of local skills and capacities, marketing of the community based local products and decreasing poverty and food security while increasing the access of the local poor communities to the markets. Microenterprise has also proved to be an important tool for empowerment of the vulnerable sections in the local communities including women and minorities etc.

PDI under this program is engaged in the development of skills and capacities of the local communities aspiring to engage in micro level businesses and enterprises. PDI has also been engaged in facilitating the local communities to develop their business plans and implement those plans. PDI has been using unique ideas jointly with the local communities to improve the linkages of the local entrepreneurs with the markets and other key stakeholders. To resolve their cash challenges, PDI is also providing micro credit to the enterprises especially women entrepreneurs.


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