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PDI Land & Water Rights Program

Land and water are the key assets for the local communities for their empowerment. PDI Land Rights focuses on contributing towards land rights and equitable landownership of the poor and vulnerable groups especially women in Sindh (Pakistan) for their socio-economic and livelihoods empowerment. PDI Land Rights Program team is active in community mobilization, organization and advocacy on land reforms, distribution of stand land among the landless peasants etc. This program aims at empowering women in Pakistan through security land ownership rights for them.

PDI team is engaged in advocating land rights especially for women and also building the capacities and skills of the local women to rise for their land rights. PDI has also been monitoring land distribution programs of the government and has been highlighting the issues and challenges the programs through field survey, studies and consultations. PDI teams also engage in the land grantee women to facilitate them to resolve their land related problems including lack of irrigation water and inputs for their lands, facilitating them to acquire their proper and legal land ownership documents and also provide legal aid to the women who face litigation / cases by the influential people after having received land from the government.

Similarly, Pakistan is not only a water scarce country but also facing serious water related conflicts. Having a history of water conflicts with India, Pakistan is now increasingly also facing internal water conflicts among its four provinces and within provinces there are water conflicts between upper and lower reaches as well as between agriculture and non agriculture water users. PDI has been engaged in research and advocacy initiatives on water rights in Pakisan. PDI has been working on improving water distribution systems among the provinces of Pakistan as well as properly allocating and providing water share of biodiversity especially the water rights of Indus Delta, natural lacks and ponds of Pakistan. PDI has also been working for the land and water rights of women in Pakistan.


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