PDI Celebrates Indigenous Colors of Life with local women this International Women’s Day!

PDI celebrated International Women's Day  in Khuzdar, Balochistan, with the title of  "Celebrating Indigenous Colors of Life! Each year women day is celebrated around the world, with much enthusiasm, efforts and promises. Each event arranged, is dedicated to all women; it is however also the celebration for that woman who is yet far away in the nowhere where she is busy fetching water from far, chopping woods for fire, feeding the kids, working in the fields.

This year Participatory Development Initiatives decided to have this day celebrated in a total different way, in a total different venue, and with different participants. And thus this year 8th March was dedicated to those indigenous tribal women of Khuzdar Balochistan who live in the mist of ancient traditions and live the beauty of indigenous traditions everyday.

The days celebrations included a huge gathering of women discussing culture and its beauty. In the end PDI and these women launched the second Marketplace of Indigenous Embroidery in Khuzdar, marking this day with beautiful memories and the lovely song that goes:

Nana Luma na loli Zinda Mare
Kana Zebainga Boli Zinda Mare
(May she live longer my motherland that cradled me)
(May my beautiful language live longer)

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